How It Works

Find the Autisarian


Sometimes an amazing ability can hide in plain sight. Your contribution will support media outreach and virtual reality equipment to be used for recruiting demonstrations at autistic support facilities across the country. 

Identifying superhuman ability


Your contribution will support hours of virtual and augmented reality training for hundreds of Autisarians and research/development of new software which will enable us to identify hidden superhuman abilities.

Provide traning material


Superhuman abilities can manifest in unusual ways, once revealed training to enhance an ability is vital. Your contribution will support training at our headquarters and online.

Promote self esteem


Building self-esteem is an important part of changing the autism narrative. Your contribution will support Spectrum 3.0, a robust social media campaign designed to show the world what the Autisarians can do.



Networking is great for social interaction and a great way for Autisarians to meet and discuss their abilities. Your contribution will support multiplayer events with social interaction between Autisarians in virtual reality all over the world.



Autisarian's showcase their mental and physical abilities in high action esports events. Your contribution will support team sponsoring, uniforms, sports announcers and rental space for televised events that will change the way the world sees autism.